Condemned Inmate Dennis D. Webb Dies Of Unknown Causes

San Quentin, CA…Condemned inmate Dennis Duane Webb, 65, from San Luis Obispo County was pronounced dead on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, at 6:14 p.m., at a nearby hospital. The cause of death is unknown pending the results of an autopsy. Webb had been on death row since August 1988.


Webb was sentenced to death by a San Luis Obispo County jury for the February 5, 1987, burglary and first-degree murder of John Rainwater, 25, and Lori Rainwater, 22. The couple was managing a 14-unit lodge in Atascadero when Webb, a parolee from the Utah prison system who had been out of prison for two months, broke into their home. The couple were bound and savagely beaten and raped. The Rainwaters tried to escape out of the residence with their two children, but were chased and murdered in the motel parking lot. The two children, ages 15 months and seven days, were found alive under their mother’s body.

Since 1978, when California reinstated capital punishment, 71 condemned inmates have died from natural causes, 25 have committed suicide, 13 have been executed in California, one was executed in Missouri, one was executed in Virginia, eight have died from other causes, and one’s (Webb) cause of death is pending. There are currently 749 offenders on California’s death row.

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  1. chris guy   September 20, 2018 5:40 pm - at 5:40 pm

    Like I’ve said before; When you are sentenced to death in the state of California, you die…of OLD AGE!! While I’m writing this, the date is 09/20/18. This article is almost 2 years old and I don’t see any updates anywhere else as far as the cause of this man’s death. Not that it really means jack to me. All I know is the man croaked before they had a chance to give him the juice. He spent almost 30 years on death row. 30 years. John and Lori didn’t even get to see 30 when they were killed. I used to support the death penalty, but when you try these people and sentence them and they’re still around 30 years later, it makes you wonder we bothered reinstating the death penalty. We’ve had the death penalty in this state for about forty years now, and during that time, out of the 750 people we have on death row, there’s only been 13 who’ve had their sentences carried out. And when was the last time there was any executions carried out? When it came up on the ballot a couple of years ago, I voted to repeal the death penalty. The proposition was defeated. But if it comes up on the ballot again, I’ll vote for it. I’m not against capital punishment, but I am against supporting anything that isn’t being utilized.


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